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  • Opening remarks from the Chairperson
  • Welcome remarks from the Event Partner
  • PANEL: Wellbeing program success stories

    Hear from Australia’s top companies as they share the details of their successful wellbeing programs that effectively support and retain their employees. This session will discuss real-world case studies and practical tips that you can implement in your workplace.

    • Examples of wellbeing initiatives that effectively supported engagement and retention
    • Holistic approaches to overall workplace wellbeing
    • Implementing policies to mitigate psychosocial risks to remain compliant
    • How can you determine the success of wellbeing initiatives?
    Nicki Luther
    Nicki Luther

    Senior Director, Human Resources

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  • KEYNOTE: Unbreakable

    In this captivating keynote, Jelena Dokic will share her journey as a professional tennis player and the challenges she faced as a refugee, growing up in poverty, dealing with domestic violence and how these impacted her life and mental health. Hear about the resilience, lessons, perseverance and courage she needed to overcome adversity, giving insights into her life after tennis. From her advocacy for mental health and victims of child abuse and family violence, to speaking up and sharing our stories, Jelena highlights the importance of normalising conversations around these issues to help save lives.

    Jelena Dokic
    Jelena Dokic

    Former World No. 4 tennis player, Channel Nine commentator, speaker and bestselling author

  • Wellness break
  • PANEL: Selecting cost-effective wellbeing benefits for your workforce

    In this session, Australia’s top companies provide practical tips on how to determine and select wellbeing benefits to accommodate the needs of a diverse workforce. What does wellbeing mean for a multigenerational workforce and how do we cater to everyone’s needs on a tight budget?

    • Prioritising the voice of employee – using feedback to understand what your employees want
    • Examples of cost-effective programs for a multigenerational workforce
    • Providing benefits aligned with diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives


    Catherine McNair
    Catherine McNair

    Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing

    Jessica Farrell
    Jessica Farrell

    General Manager, People & Culture
    Publicis Groupe

    Danila Di Trocchio
    Danila Di Trocchio

    General Manager – Reward and People Experience
    Judo Bank

  • Networking lunch
  • LEGAL UPDATE: Understanding recent psychosocial safety changes

    What are the latest regulations in psychosocial risk management affecting employer’s obligations? This session will examine the current landscape of managing psychosocial risks in the workplace and key changes to expect in the year ahead.

    • Examining the increasing regulatory focus on psychosocial risks
    • Lessons from the Court Services Victoria OHS Act breach
    • Tips on revising risk assessments and policies relating to sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • CASE STUDY: Developing a psychosocial risk management approach

    How do you ensure your company remains compliant in line with recent legislation on mitigating psychosocial hazards? In this session, hear how Bupa is managing psychosocial risks at work to maintain safe and supportive workplaces.

    • Collaborating between safety and HR teams on psychosocial risk assessments
    • Communicating and developing clear policies on psychosocial risks
    • Understanding the different levels and responsibilities for managers
    • Examples of holistic approaches that contribute to risk mitigation
    Mason Gismondi
    Mason Gismondi

    Psychological Health & Safety Lead

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  • FIRESIDE CHAT: How to maintain resilience through change

    From tough economic climates to major organisational changes, how can organisations support their workforce through challenging times? In this session, hear how Metricon builds resilience and effectively manages disruptive changes affecting their workforce.

    Merril Hotchkin
    Merril Hotchkin

    General Manager – People, Performance and Culture

  • PANEL: Minimising burnout across your organisation

    With increasing obligations to mitigate psychosocial risks, what can managers and employees do to reduce the prevalence of burnout? In this session, panellists will share proven strategies to address and mitigate burnout to support and protect their employees.

    • How to identify the early warning signs of burnout at the individual, team and organisational level
    • Managerial practices and leadership styles to reduce employee burnout
    • Tips for rolling out effective workload management and one-on-one meeting programs
    • Sustainable strategies for preventing burnout recurrence, including organisational culture shifts, employee development programs and continuous feedback
    • Tech platforms that help to predict, assess, address and measure stress, anxiety and burnout


    Farhad Ahmadzai
    Farhad Ahmadzai

    People Experience Operations Leader AU/NZ
    Reece Group

    Lucas Finch
    Lucas Finch

    Global Director of Wellbeing

    Kiraly Wills
    Kiraly Wills

    Associate Director HR Agile Squad Lead Manufacturing & Operations APAC


    In this interactive session, delegates will reflect on key insights covered throughout the day and develop action items for development and growth.

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