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Opening remarks from the chairperson

Heather Ikin

Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist, Worklife Psychology

9:00 am

Welcome remarks from the event partner

Matt Meffan

Regional Sales Lead, APAC, Unmind

9:05 am

PANEL: Wellbeing strategies for a hybrid workforce

From permanent remote working to return-to-work arrangements, it’s important for companies to develop wellbeing initiatives that are tailored to a dispersed, multigenerational workforce. In this session, Australia and New Zealand’s top companies will share how they are supporting their hybrid workforce through accessible and flexible options.

  • How can companies structure return-to-work arrangements to promote collaboration and innovation within teams? 
  • Providing access and support to employees in different work environments 
  • Leveraging HR analytics to measure, monitor, and assess workplace wellbeing 
  • Examples of the latest technology and tools to drive awareness and engagement on wellbeing initiatives 
  • There’s no place like home: Replicating work-from-home setup in the office 


Heather Ikin

Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist, Worklife Psychology


David Bellas

Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

Conor Donoghue

Director, Talent Acquisition, Zip Co

Rebecca Dobby

Head of Human Resources, Samsung

Jenna Langdon

Head of HR, Trade Me

9:50 am

CASE STUDY: Mental health and wellbeing benefits to attract and retain employees

Employees are seeking greater support for their health and increased flexibility in their roles, as we continue to navigate change and uncertainty. However, it’s evident that there is no one-size-fits all solution. Hear how Mantel Group has developed an inclusive wellbeing benefits program to support a hybrid workforce and attract new talent.

  • Curating and customizing programs to cater to a multigenerational workforce 
  • Overcoming challenges in budgeting and communication when creating inclusive options 
  • Revising onboarding programs to create a sense of belonging and community for remote workers 
  • Beyond the fruit bowl and yoga class – examples of innovative options that truly support employee mental health and overall wellbeing
Caroline Henshaw

Head of People & Culture, Mantel Group

10:20 am
10:35 am

The power of a mentally healthy workforce: How leaders can drive cultural change

The last few years have woken the working world up to mental health and wellbeing. Now, every HR and business leader worth their salt is onboard with the human and economic value of helping people to proactively measure, understand and improve their mental health. But, it's become clear, that giving employees access to apps alone is no longer enough.

Clearly, you can’t just log into a healthy mind. To get to a place where mental health is understood, nurtured and celebrated, companies need to drive cultural change. This session will give you practical guidance on how to do that. You'll learn:

  • How to create psychologically safe places where people can flourish
  • How to measure wellbeing so we can actually manage it
  • How to upskill and support managers so they can lead by example
Matt Meffan

Regional Sales Lead, APAC, Unmind

11:05 am
11:10 am

CASE STUDY: Developing a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing

The construction industry is reported to have one of the highest occupational risk groups for mental illness. Lendlease has paved the way in developing and implementing research-backed wellbeing strategies to support their workforce. In this session, Duncan will discuss Lendlease’s key wellbeing interventions using their tiered approach to wellbeing: raising awareness, fostering curiosity, and embedding habit changes.

  • Promoting mental health awareness – shifting the perception and understanding of why wellbeing truly matters  
  • Managing energy renewal – performance management using the same techniques in elite sports  
  • Creating wellbeing habit changes on a global scale – a strengths-based approach to help people build bespoke wellbeing plans and be the best version of themselves 
  • Providing microlearning opportunities for employees with wellbeing challenges developed during COVID-19 restrictions
Duncan Young

Head of Workplace Health & Wellbeing, Lendlease

11:40 am
11:45 am

PANEL: Prioritising psychological safety in the workplace

Creating a psychologically-safe environment allows employees to feel engaged, valued and more confident in their roles which can lead to greater adaptability and innovation. In this session, a panel of industry leaders will discuss best practices to promote a culture of psychological safety over stress. 

  • Defining what psychological safety means for your workplace in an individual and team-level 
  • Examples of successful changes to the employee experience to create accessible and inclusive environments for remote and on-site employees
  • Encouraging open communication between teams to normalize vulnerability and safely express themselves
  • How can you measure psychological safety in your organisation? 


Heather Ikin

Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist, Worklife Psychology

Helen Sedcole

Chief People Officer, Z Energy

Martin Cowie

Chief People Officer, OMD

Emma Stewart

Head of People, Charter Hall

12:25 pm
1:05 pm

Supporting employees with chronic illness

Treatment and diagnosis of a chronic illness can impact not just the physical wellbeing of an individual, but also their emotional wellbeing. This session will discuss how companies can support their employees and the practical ways that organisations can gain a sense of community, build team morale and come together to create meaningful support at work.

Clare Higgins

General Manager, Look Good Feel Better

1:30 pm

Employment law: Employee discipline when mental health is at risk 

It can be challenging for HR leaders to balance their role in supporting employees and ensuring each employee meets their work objectives. How can HR leaders support employees and ensure work obligations are also fulfilled? And how can an employer mitigate the risk of mental health-related claims? 

  • When can employers request medical evidence of an employee's mental health condition?
  • How to prevent psychological harm caused by performance management discussions
  • When can an employer be held liable for employee mental health conditions? 
Tarsha Gavin

Managing Associate, Allens

2:00 pm
2:15 pm

Transforming your workplace with resilience first aid skills

Resilience is one of the most important skills to overcome challenges in and out of the workplace and to increase engagement, wellbeing and happiness. This session will discuss how to develop six personal resilience skills of purpose, emotional composure, collaboration, tenacity, health and reasoning. 

  • How to improve resilience for protection against constant change, disruption and conflict 
  • What do research and practical evidence tell us about workplace effectiveness when resilience skills improve? 
  • Facilitating resilience first aid skill development through workshops, online apps and support and accountability small groups 
Bill Carson

Mental & Emotional Fitness Educator and Coach for Leadership and Team Performance,

2:40 pm

PANEL: Developing wellbeing leaders and mental health champions 

Managers and the executive team can significantly contribute to a positive workplace culture, but how can leaders embed wellness strategies into day-to-day operations? This session will discuss how to develop a wellness-focused people framework for managers to create a positive and safer environment for employees.

  • Providing regular upskilling opportunities on bias, psychological safety, and becoming mental health champions 
  • How can wellbeing professionals in organisations pave the way for a wellbeing strategy?  
  • Identifying ways to transform the organisational culture to prioritise workplace mental health and lead by example 
  • How can HR leaders equip teams to identify early signs of mental health struggles?


Heather Ikin

Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist, Worklife Psychology


Shaun Philp

Chief People Officer, Chorus NZ

Sabina Schlegel

Director of Organisational Change and Culture, Queensland Department of Health

Alana Shepherd

Executive Manager - People Agility, REA Group

Duy Tran

Chief People Officer, Southern Restaurants Group

3:20 pm
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