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8:50 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Liz Payne

Psychologist, Executive Committee Member National of College Organisational Psychologists, Founder, Collective Strength

9:00 am

PANEL: Building resilience for a post-Covid era

Teams with strong resilience have the capacity to adapt and overcome challenges in times of uncertainty. With such a diverse workforce, how can you develop resilience and reliability across all levels of an organisation?

  • Adapting to employees’ expectations and needs to create trust
  • Developing the critical skills and an agile mindset for a remote workforce to learn and adapt
  • Creating a culture of support, understanding, and acceptance of mental health discussions
  • Implementing resilience workshops, wellbeing training, mental health first aid and stress management courses
  • Navigating new flexible work arrangements to support employees


Liz Payne

Psychologist, Executive Committee Member National of College Organisational Psychologists, Founder, Collective Strength


Shruti Ganeriwala

HR Director, Ice cream Business & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, Unilever Australia & New Zealand

Katrina Symons

Head of HR, ANZ, Johnson & Johnson

Matt Trent

Portfolio Lead, People Experience, Fonterra

9:45 am

Case study: Improving the employee experience to support wellbeing

The employee experience continues to play a significant role to promote engagement and satisfaction, with health and wellbeing becoming a top priority for many employees. In this session, hear how Canva has made significant changes to create a healthy and supportive workplace for a hybrid and flexible workforce.

  • Redesigning workplace environments to promote health, safety, and overall wellbeing
  • Effective virtual wellness activities on a budget
  • Creating opportunities for community engagement
  • Finding inclusive wellness options for a diverse workforce
Crystal Boysen

Head of People, Canva

10:15 am

Workshop: Developing supportive leadership for mental health challenges

In this workshop, Adrianna will discuss how to build and develop supportive leadership and some of the key leadership ingredients required by leaders to help them navigate mental health challenges in the workplace.

Adrianna Loveday

Director- Talent assessment & development, Randstad

10:55 am

Case study: Designing wellbeing initiatives on a budget

In this session, Nicole will share how Ovolo Group successfully developed and implemented a recent wellbeing program to support their organisation.

  • Identifying clear objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Using organisational and positive psychology, design thinking methodology, systems thinking, and work design to develop program frameworks
  • Lessons learned from implementation to launch
Nicole Downs

Group Director, People and Performance, Ovolo Group

11:25 am
11:30 am

PANEL: Using HR technology to promote employee wellbeing

Digital platforms can support the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives, especially for a remote workforce. How can you capture opportunities to increase engagement and build a stronger network of support using the latest technology?

  • Selecting apps to keep employees engaged and connected
  • Collecting and analysing data to determine ROI and usage
  • Increasing employee communication and feedback to develop new strategies and services


Liz Payne

Psychologist, Executive Committee Member National of College Organisational Psychologists, Founder, Collective Strength


Pia Rueda

Head of HR – ANZ, Lenovo

Rebecca Gravestock

Director, People and Performance, Xero

Zach Hotchkiss

Country Manager ANZ, Unmind

Jenna Langdon

Head of HR Business Partnering, Trade Me

1:00 pm

Legal considerations when managing an employee with a mental illness

Mishandling situations relating to mental illnesses in the workplace can lead to costly unfair dismissal matters and adverse action cases. This session will cover how to identify and mitigate legal risks when managing an employee with a mental illness.

  • What are an employer’s obligations to accommodate an employee and their mental health?
  • How are mental health issues dealt with during an investigation?
  • What are the risks involved in going through a disciplinary process with an employee who has a mental illness?
Luis Izzo

Managing Director - Sydney Workplace, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

1:45 pm

Case study: Developing wellbeing initiatives to promote self-care

Many individuals working remotely are struggling to find the right balance between juggling personal and professional demands. In this session, Bupa shares the foundations of their wellbeing programme to help employees monitor their physiology, lifestyle choices, and mindset to achieve a healthy balance.

  • Identifying key indicators that affect overall performance
  • Developing self-awareness to monitor overall health
  • Helping employees find independent solutions to maintain their wellbeing
Sean Silvey

Head of Wellbeing, Health and Safety, Bupa

2:30 pm

Workshop: Embedding mental health strategy from the ground up

Once your strategy is developed, how do you implement it into your workforce?  We explore 4 key actions you can take to that will boost engagement and result in real outcomes.  The key is human connection.


Carli Phillips

Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Corporate Wellbeing Hub

2:50 pm

How to initiate and navigate mental health conversations

Mental health can be a sensitive topic, and it’s important to approach conversations with caution and care. This session will cover strategies and resources to normalise and encourage conversations about mental health.

  • How to communicate support with authenticity and empathy
  • Promoting engagement and self-care through mental health resources
  • Developing early intervention strategies and understanding when to bring in professional assistance
  • Tips to reduce stigma on discussing mental illness
  • Creating a safe environment for distressed individuals working remotely


Leighton Williams

Workplace Engagement Manager, Black Dog Institute

3:30 pm
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