Sabina Schlegel

Sabina Schlegel

Director of Organisational Change and Culture, Queensland Department of Health

Sabina Schlegel is currently the Director of Organisational Change and Culture at the Department of Health in Queensland.

During the past couple years of the COVID pandemic, she has been focused on understanding employee experiences during the pandemic and how work and life has changed for us now and into the future. She has guided the Department of Health on the ways leaders can lead and manage adaptively and in our new hybrid environments, and is keen to ensure that managers and leaders know how to support the health and well-being of their teams and wider organisation. Systems thinking and human centred design approaches underpin the ways in which she approaches her work.

Sabina is passionate about leading kindly and believes that psychological safety comes when we can be authentic, listen to each other’s stories and show genuine support in times of struggle. She has been facilitating groups and discussions for over 15 years on numerous topics but particularly enjoys facilitating group sessions that explore people’s life and work challenges, the ways in which we can build awareness of self and others, and identifying the things that help us not only survive but thrive.

She has a Master’s Degree in HR and Organisational Development, a Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance Counselling and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Education. In a previous life, she used to work with young people and lectured in Human Development and Youth Culture at a London University.