The power of a mentally healthy workforce: How leaders can drive cultural change

May 26, 2022

10:35 am

The last few years have woken the working world up to mental health and wellbeing. Now, every HR and business leader worth their salt is onboard with the human and economic value of helping people to proactively measure, understand and improve their mental health. But, it’s become clear, that giving employees access to apps alone is no longer enough.

Clearly, you can’t just log into a healthy mind. To get to a place where mental health is understood, nurtured and celebrated, companies need to drive cultural change. This session will give you practical guidance on how to do that. You’ll learn:

  • How to create psychologically safe places where people can flourish
  • How to measure wellbeing so we can actually manage it
  • How to upskill and support managers so they can lead by example
  • Matt Meffan

    Regional Sales Lead, APAC


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