PANEL: Prioritising psychological safety in the workplace

May 26, 2022

11:45 am

Creating a psychologically-safe environment allows employees to feel engaged, valued and more confident in their roles which can lead to greater adaptability and innovation. In this session, a panel of industry leaders will discuss best practices to promote a culture of psychological safety over stress. 

  • Defining what psychological safety means for your workplace in an individual and team-level 
  • Examples of successful changes to the employee experience to create accessible and inclusive environments for remote and on-site employees
  • Encouraging open communication between teams to normalize vulnerability and safely express themselves
  • How can you measure psychological safety in your organisation? 
  • Heather Ikin

    Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist

    Worklife Psychology

  • Helen Sedcolet
    Helen Sedcole

    Chief People Officer

    Z Energy

  • Martin Cowie
    Martin Cowie

    Chief People Officer


  • Emma Stewart
    Emma Stewart

    Head of People

    Charter Hall

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