PANEL: Developing wellbeing leaders and mental health champions 

May 26, 2022

2:40 pm

Managers and the executive team can significantly contribute to a positive workplace culture, but how can leaders embed wellness strategies into day-to-day operations? This session will discuss how to develop a wellness-focused people framework for managers to create a positive and safer environment for employees.

  • Providing regular upskilling opportunities on bias, psychological safety, and becoming mental health champions 
  • How can wellbeing professionals in organisations pave the way for a wellbeing strategy?  
  • Identifying ways to transform the organisational culture to prioritise workplace mental health and lead by example 
  • How can HR leaders equip teams to identify early signs of mental health struggles?
  • Heather Ikin

    Co-Founder & Organisational Psychologist

    Worklife Psychology

  • Shaun Philp
    Shaun Philp

    Chief People Officer

    Chorus NZ

  • Sabina Schlegel
    Sabina Schlegel

    Director of Organisational Change and Culture

    Queensland Department of Health

  • Alana Shepherd
    Alana Shepherd

    Executive Manager - People Agility

    REA Group

  • Duy Tran

    Chief People Officer

    Southern Restaurants Group

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