PANEL: Building resilience for a post-Covid era

9:00 am

Teams with strong resilience have the capacity to adapt and overcome challenges in times of uncertainty. With such a diverse workforce, how can you develop resilience and reliability across all levels of an organisation?

  • Adapting to employees’ expectations and needs to create trust
  • Developing the critical skills and an agile mindset for a remote workforce to learn and adapt
  • Creating a culture of support, understanding, and acceptance of mental health discussions
  • Implementing resilience workshops, wellbeing training, mental health first aid and stress management courses
  • Navigating new flexible work arrangements to support employees
  • Liz Payne
    Liz Payne

    Psychologist, Executive Committee Member National of College Organisational Psychologists, Founder

    Collective Strength

  • Shruti Ganeriwala
    Shruti Ganeriwala

    HR Director, Ice cream Business & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead

    Unilever Australia & New Zealand

  • Katrina Symons
    Katrina Symons

    Head of HR, ANZ

    Johnson & Johnson

  • Matt Trent
    Matt Trent

    Portfolio Lead, People Experience


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