CASE STUDY: Developing a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing

May 26, 2022

11:10 am

The construction industry is reported to have one of the highest occupational risk groups for mental illness. Lendlease has paved the way in developing and implementing research-backed wellbeing strategies to support their workforce. In this session, Duncan will discuss Lendlease’s key wellbeing interventions using their tiered approach to wellbeing: raising awareness, fostering curiosity, and embedding habit changes.

  • Promoting mental health awareness – shifting the perception and understanding of why wellbeing truly matters  
  • Managing energy renewal – performance management using the same techniques in elite sports  
  • Creating wellbeing habit changes on a global scale – a strengths-based approach to help people build bespoke wellbeing plans and be the best version of themselves 
  • Providing microlearning opportunities for employees with wellbeing challenges developed during COVID-19 restrictions
  • Duncan Young
    Duncan Young

    Head of Workplace Health & Wellbeing


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